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Friday, February 25, 2005

Should we start running?

I have recently implemented job sheduling inside a client's web service based J2EE app using Quartz. The client app utilises the Spring framework using Tomcat and Quartz fits in a treat. I must admit, it was'nt a trivial process getting it up and running but quite nifty once implemented.
Anyone thinking of using Quartz with Spring, definitely check out the Spring API and the Quartz tutorial.
The only thing that the doco did'nt tell me was how to kick off my scheduling job once configured. Prepare to tune out............
I used a servlet that executes on Tomcat startup that creates a reference to a SingletonBeanFactoryLocator which simply calls its only method useBeanFactory(), passing it the qualified name of the relevant bean which you setup in Spring's config files. Confused? Well there's more. Once you get a reference to the specified bean, Spring will automatically find and load all the beans you have configured including the schedule bean hence, starting the sheduler.
...............and we are back again.........

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blogs Away

I thought I would start blogging my adventures in the land of .NET, J2EE and EAI development as I am in a trasitional phase of my professional life. I was thinking of focusing on one of these technologies more than the other but which one?......hmmmmm. Maybe I need a nudge.