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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Back into VSTS

Ok...So last year I was sucked into the Visual Studio Team System universe and despite the painful install process I went through to get the thing running on 3 VPC's, I was really impressed. If only I had this back then......dohwell....
Anyway, I got right into Team Architect, Developer and briefly work item tracking and MSBuild. I had to drop tools for a while (since late December) due to my J2EE work load and had to be satisfied with catching up on everyone's blog to keep up with what was happening.
Well I am pretty much back now and into a fresh release of VSTS over 2 VPC's, going back through all the goodies. A few niggly things have changed and I will blog them up when I can along with any funny errors that pop up along the way, starting with Architect.
Main thing is I'm back and loving it.

Finally, on with the show.


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