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Thursday, March 10, 2005

What's WIT TFS?

I am making my way through Team Foundation Server and I must agree with Chris Menegay, Work Item Tracking (WIT) is fantastic.
Just a quick refresher. A Work Item can be and usually is, every piece of work in a project. Whether it is a bug, task, requirement, etc, doesn’t matter. Every piece can be tracked including change issues such as Who made the change?, who authorized the change? and what bug did this change fix?.

Default WI types currently available.

I used VS to add my work items and it’s a nice clean interface to use.

Information added against the work item is used to link it to other parts or artifacts of a project like tests, file attachments, builds (what build can this WI be found in?) and even other work items and changesets. The tabbed pane allows easy entry of all this info.
Tightly integrated with Team Foundation Source Control and Team Project (More detail here in John Lawrence’s posts), WIT is, in my opinion, a great feature of TFS that will be pivotal in the overall delivery of successful projects using VSTS.

I’m still playing with the VSTS extensibility kit so more on WIT extensibility in an upcoming post.


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