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Friday, April 08, 2005

Now there's source all over my top...

Got my hands dirty with the JBoss source code today. Not too bad, washed off ok.

I am implementing a DLQ (dead letter queue) in my JMS application and each time it tried to publish to the DLQ, I got the ol' Null Pointer message.
Well, a few kicks and screams later, I dug into the source and it turns out there is a bug in the JBoss source thats been around since the 3.2.x days and using 4.0.1, it's still there. Coincidentally, the JBoss people now say that the fix will be ported to 4.0.2! Magic.

Anyways, we recompiled and deployed ourselves with the changes and everything is hunky dory. Damn HashTables.......


  • Jeez, sounds like my day. It only took 3 minutes for Ubuntu to screw my sandbox. I partitioned the drive, formated it using ext3, then the install just died with some cryptic error number, and now the system won't boot. Urghhh, I new I should have stayed in my safe zone, alas, here we go again...

    By Anonymous David, at 2:42 PM  

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