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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Appointment with Dr Dobbs

In case any of you people out there subscribe to Dr Dobbs Journal, watch out for my VSTSEclipse article in the latest issue that is out. I had 3 copies sent to me and reading through the whole issue, it is certainly a publication that is worth getting for any software developer.

Our little project has puttered along recently but hoping to breath new life into it in the near future :P....stay tuned.

What do I do here?

Wow, its been ages since I have put up a post! Let me just get the cobwebs out of here.......Ok done. Well, I have been busy busy as per usual and having a great time at my contract with Readify. It's great to be back on a .NET project I must say. Really looking forward to more .NET based work in the future, not discounting any cool J2 stuff I might happen to stumble on :).