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Thursday, August 25, 2005

VSTSUG meeting details confirmed!

Cool! The first Melbourne VSTS user group meeting will be held on Thursday 29th September 2005 at the Victoria.NET headquarters (CITC building), kicking off at 5.30pm.
Head to the Melbourne VSTSUG website for details and register yourself if you are interested in attending.

At this point I would like to re-iterate my vision for these meetings.
The VSTSUG meetings are going to be informal, relaxed sessions with a group of professionals from all walks of the industry, getting together to discuss and learn more about Team System. The level of success and productivity of these sessions is going to be based on the interaction, contribution and participation of everyone involved. I don't want these sessions consisting soley of presentation after presentation with content each meeting coming from a select few, with a bit of Q&A thrown in between. I want to hear from everyone. Lets all talk about VSTS and what it means to us. What part will it play in your or your company's future? What are you passionate about? Presentations, content, discussions, all will be driven by you.
That is how I see these sessions running.

As usual, I would love to hear any feedback from anyone out there interested in what I am rambling about ;).
Looking forward to catching up with all of you at the first meeting!


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