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Monday, September 26, 2005

Beta 3: A win and a loss...

Finally had a chance yesterday to sit down and install TFS Beta 3 along with SQL CTP Sep and TS RC. I can definitely say there is a significant improvement to the once painful install process that the earlier CTP’s and Beta’s put us through. The documentation is very clear and easy to follow and it keeps the guess work down to an all time minimum. The new health check feature is a great addition and can potentially pick up any dependency problems before they happen.

Saying that though, my attempt at a single server TFS install was a bit of a flop. L

The main issue I was having came about after I had “successfully” installed TFS on the one virtual machine. At project creation stage, it was falling over when it was time to create the project portal. The error message was clearly stating that my login did not have appropriate access to create WSS sites and that I should be granted access from the Sharepoint Admin. My TFSSETUP user was an admin through and through so I narrowed it down to a permission issue with the TFSSERVICE account, as that is the app pool identity that WSS uses to do its thing.

David has posted a possible work around for the situation here but I am fairly sure that making the service account part of the admin group was one of the first things I tried.

These sorts of WSS security dramas haunted me with beta 2 on a single server install and it looks like they are back!! WSS not playing nicely when installed on a domain controller and such.

The “User Account Required for TFS Setup” section in the install guide mentions:
This account must be an administrator on Team Foundation Server computers.
TFSSERVICE - This account should not be an administrator on Team Foundation Server computers.
TFSREPORTS - This account should not be an administrator on Team Foundation Server computers.

The only way (so far) to get it up and running seems to be to do so. Dave is looking deeper into the whole account permission config issue and I will be joining him.

So anyway, after much hair pulling and much religious questioning, I decided to go my trusty duel server installation and it worked an absolute treat. My two virtual machines are configured the same as my Beta 2 install and it runs really well. Not a stack trace in sight. Yet…J.

Along with getting the single server experience chugging along, I’m hoping to get stuck in to Beta 3 in the next couple of nights so there should be plenty of talking points come (Shameless Plug J) Thursday, 5.30pm at the inaugural Melbourne VSTSUG session!

Also remember to check out the VSTS forums if you have any issues, questions, etc, on all things Team System. There is a bunch of stuff on TFS installation and configuration (Beta 2 and some Beta 3).


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