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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More RAM for VPC good yes?

I use VPC all the time in my dev adventures and I decided to upgrade my laptop from 1 gig to 2 gig RAM to give me a little bit more of a pleasurable experience when coding, debugging, etc.
Anyhoo, I throw the two, 1 gig chips and get my machine going again in anticipation that EVERYTHING is going to be faster. My screen even looked bigger and wider!! Weird....Before I know it, the pic of my kids is staring at me on the desktop and I'm ready to go.
I fire up VPC and slide the memory allocation up to a gig on one of my dev virtual machines and hit the away you go button and low and behold, it tells me there is not enough memory on the host to start the v machine!! What the!!! I kept dropping the mem allocation and it wasn't until 350 mb that it would start. Kinda kooky as previously when I had 1 gig of RAM, I was running it at 650 MB. So long story short (sort of), I used the msinfo32 app from the command line to see what might be chewing up my memory. From the System Summary->Software Environment->Running Tasks, check out the Min and Max Working Set coloumns (values in bytes) and if anything there seems unusually high, you just may have found your leech.
I found some process that was part of an app long gone and disused and was using a ridiculous amount of memory for its set. Once I gave it the boot, VPC saw the light and realised that I did indeed have a crap load of RAM to spread around.

FYI for any gamers, 2 gig doesn't hurt your WOW experience either! Ironforge returns....goodbye Lagforge!! Ahhhhh forget it...... :P


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