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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Team Foundation Source Control by Proxy

I have been catching up on quite a few webcasts over the last couple of nights and just before, I was watching Rick LaPlante on one of the Channel 9 vids talking about VSTS and how his rather large team of devs were actually using the product for 9 months (at that point). I know that’s fairly common knowledge now but he was also explaining how the guys optimised the proxy communication used for the Team Foundation source control that all the geographically disbursed VSTS teams were simultaneously using, so much so, that it was outperforming SourceSafe by some huge number (400%) at certain times and given the nature of the communication.

“That’s really impressive! I wouldn’t mind hearing more about that”, I said to myself (there was nobody around at the time) and wouldn’t you know it, I see this neat little post come through from Buck Hodges that gives a bit more insight into the experience. I’m sure you didn’t intend to read my mind Buck! :P


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